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In this kingdom that I love,
a princess, a prince seek destiny’s One.
A balloon pulled away from a child’s hand,
is destined for a secret land.
Run through water and wade through fire.
A pity it is when the cruel plight is dire.
For those who are lost, there are those who are found,
lost upon the sands is a heart retching sound
breathe in and breathe deep this kingdom’s last hope,
for the woman at ease has finally spoke.
"Find me, I beg you, seek me, I plead,
follow my voice I will easily lead.
Cherish these bright lights,
on these lost and away nights.
Past are the days of understanding,
future is the nights of pleading and ranting.
This kingdom I fear will eventually cease,
if this man I shout to does not find his peace."

Created: Jan 10, 2010


jessrose430 Document Media