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I did this in a quirky kind of immature way, and i'm not even sure if this is what you meant when you said create a manifesto lol. I'm all out of creative juice in recent, so I hope this sparks something in somebody. And as far as the light humor goes, if I went too far with pulling a mini Napster joke, be sure that I will not be offended if you remove it, haha!


You are the ever growing, ever changing result of thousands of resources collaboratively contributed to make you the work of art that you are today. And, in that sense, you’ve got quite a bit in common with the creative community known as hitRECord. And since you’ve got something in common, and it is love at first sight, I think it’s about time you took your relationship to the next level.

I’m throwing all these words at you, I know. But stay intrigued, the enlightening will commence in 5….4…3…2…

HitRECord is a website that grew from the highly intellectual mind of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Around these parts, we call him regularJOE, because that is who he is.
The website, simply put, is an outlet of art. Art is like clay, and as you may know, it comes in many shapes and forms, and like clay, can be molded in to many other shapes and forms branched off from the original work. You catchin’ my drift? No? Let me say it again without all these fancy examples.

On hitRECord, you are given the opportunity [one which you should take], as a creative individual [which we all are], to upload any form of art you please. Whether it is poetry, a painting, a drawing, a video, a story, a melody, an opera, or you tap dancing to yakkity sax. All creativity is art, and all art can be a RECord. And all RECords can be admired on hitrecord.org. And all RECords on hitRECord.org can be re recorded in to new art, and the process re re repeats as such.

Once you film, write, draw, photograph or dance your way on to the website, other creative individuals, such as yourself, are then given the opportunity to download your uploaded project and refine, revise or reedit it in to another project. This is a process called Remixing. And on hitRECord, remixing is not theft, but an honor.
When you hit the big red REC button, you are giving permission to the site and every one on the site to use your record in their own way. Now, they have to give you credit, and they can’t sell it, but as far as your art goes, once you upload it to hitrecord.org, consider it to be shared with everybody. You wouldn’t eat a loaf of bread without offering some to your community now, would you? It’s just like that.

The community is growing, and with its continuously sharpened RECords being uploaded to the site, and regularJOE’s continued success, he has decided to start his dream of turning hitRECord in to its own Production Company.

I can see the twinkle in your eye, and I know, I’m excited, too.

In this Production Company, regularJOE will be able to select any RECords he chooses to turn in to production, and then will share the profits with all of the contributing artists, 50/50. As money can be the root of all evil, it can also be the starting point for some of the most amazing works of art. And since we tend to be an optimistic group, we will use money towards the latter. But, as we all know, once money gets thrown in to the picture, there must be a set of rules to follow, we call ours: The HitRECord Accord. Has sort of a ring to it, huh?

The HitRECord Accord basically says that everyone who joins must follow 3 simple rules.

Number 1. You give everyone in the community permission to remix your stuff. We’ve talked about this, the loaf of bread, remember?

Number 2. When a RECord gets turned into a money-making production, the hitRECord production company will share what it makes after all the costs, fifty-fifty, with everyone who’s contribution made it into the final product.

Number 3. You have to promise that whatever you upload to the site belongs to you, and just to you, without including anyone else’s stuff. All opinions aside, the law is the law, and if we’re all trying to have a legit professional production company here, we have to follow it. We don’t want to pull a Napster.

See? I told you. 3 simple rules. Now that we’ve gotten through all the small talk and formalities, it’s time for you to do what we talked about earlier, take the relationship to the next level. It’s simple, all you have to do is hit the JOIN button on the front of the page. Come join us, are you RECording?

Created: Jan 10, 2010


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