Bryant Park

By NuMyke

(not sure how much the poem has to do with the pic with the exception of I wrote it in Bryant Park)


i'm stuck in an existence
without fanfare or frills
i'm stuck in love affairs
completely sans thrills

i'm stuck in a mind frame
where i'm totally spent
i'm stuck with too many
without a good intent

i'm stuck in a dream
that i can't wake up from
i'm stuck with THAT love
and sometimes i need some

i'm stuck in a verse
and i can't pen the ending
i'm stuck in a time
wherein too much i'm spending

i'm stuck on a face
that has brought me new hope
stuck on a friendship
that has helped me to cope

i'm stuck on a voice
that has soothed my spirit
stuck on a sweet caress
but can't get near it

i'm stuck on finding bliss
not just a fraction or ration
i'm stuck searching for peace
that extends far beyond passion



Bryant Park

Created: Jan 09, 2010


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