Sundance poster attempt!

By kellibean

When I saw the Sundance poster collaboration I just haaad to take a crack at it, so here's my result. I stuck to the original background(which is totally awesome, by the way) and then basically just dug through image files and picked the ones in the first few pages that stuck out to me. Hopefully I've resourced those all correctly... still getting used to the new version. :) Anyways, this is just what I came up with, but of course it's up for remixing!

And, um, there's one resource that I need to link that wouldn't work for me- it's titled '?' and it's by gabriela.balbin, and for some reason it wasn't showing up in the resource box when I typed it in. Also, I put in a portrait and I guess those aren't available to add as resources... whoops. It's "Sweet Disposition."

Sundance poster attempt!

Created: Jan 09, 2010


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