An Experiment On Positivity

By Sunshine

I have been conducting an experiment on positivity for quite some time now. The experiment is based upon the idea that if we think positive thoughts and create positive actions more positive things are created within our lives. As i never believe any concept or idea blindly i decided to create my own experiment on positivity.

My experiment began by trying to think positive thoughts and create positive actions within my day to day life, its definitely not an easy thing to do but i found the more i would think about positive things the more positive things would come into my life hence creating positive actions. This way of living becomes easier and easier every day the more you implement positivity the more it just comes right back to you.

I have completely changed the way i see things and experience the world just by this little experiment that i have been conducting. So i came up with the idea that i want to try and start a revolution of positivity which will eventually grow and influence as many people in a positive and beautiful way as possible.

I welcome anyone who wants to join my experiment on positivity, contribute in any way that you would like to in any form as long as it represents positivity in a way. Or even document and record your findings on your own experiment on positivity as i would love to hear everyone's thoughts and ideas as well as results on their own experiment on positivity.

I hope to record my own results soon so watch this space. Let the Revolution of positivity begin... :D

By <3

An Experiment On Positivity

Created: Jan 08, 2010


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