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I wrote this six years ago as a project in my Creative Writing class during senior year of high school. This is probably one of my favorites. (Though, I'm very biased) lol

Forgive me father for I have sinned
I've done a wrongful deed
Your words of wisdom I must hear
For this father I shall plead

Please put me on my rightful path
Far from dangers way
Help me this tough hard world
Guide me everyday

For I have taken the wrongful path
The one that seems so easy
The one that turns good people bad
And makes them look so sleazy

I can't quite get there on my own
I need a helpful shove
To see the rightful path I need
The one so full of love

I'm almost there father, did you help me?
I'm pretty sure you did
You helped me be a young adult
Not a foolish kid

I've gotten there, I made my way
Onto my rightful path
You helped me see the love and hope
I never thought I had

So thank you father I am done
My journey's now complete
Your words of wisdom I have heard
And I intend to keep

Created: Jan 08, 2010


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