Yakkity Bowie

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After some deliberation, I have decided to re-release this instrumental bit titled "Yakkity Bowie" on Version 4, despite my acquiescence that it is based on "As the World Falls Down" by the previously mentioned Bowie. Here are my reasons:

1. I performed it, thus it is my own material.
2. While the root chords of the song are basically the same, the rhythm in which they are played, as well as the voicing, are entirely my own creation.
3. While the melody is rooted in the original vocal melody written by the honorable Mr. Bowie, the rhythm and style are entirely my own creation, in addition to the notes I wrote in myself.
4. There are no sung lyrics, thus no copyrighted textual material.
5. I like it and think it's funny.

I will honor the decision reached by Joe and the masses.

Created: Jan 08, 2010


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