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Okay dumb on my part, my bad. THIS is the script. I added a file, didn't see it show up. I hope this works. (i suck with technology apparently)

So script for the sundance collaboration. Two people, opposite ends of the popularity spectrum. Stuck in the faulty elevator at work. Huzzah!


Act One

Charlotte’s a new intern in the office for a local newspaper. She’s pretty and likeable and ever so popular. Jake is a long time employee and resident nerd with zero recognition for his work. This is what happens when both get stuck alone together on the faulty elevator.

JAKE: (standing in the far corner, hands in pockets, looking anywhere but at Charlotte)

CHARLOTTE: (smiles upon entering) Morning! (she hits a button)

JAKE: (stutters incoherently) H-er, Hello Char- Charlotte. (he begins to fidget nervously)

CHARLOTTE: (looks up, then back down to the buttons) Is this thing moving? (she hits the button a few more times, then punches it)

JAKE: Don’t! Uh… Don’t punch that please. (he reaches out to stop her hand, then pulls back thinking better of it)

CHARLOTTE: What’s wrong? Are you afraid of elevators?

JAKE: Well there aren’t too many elevator related deaths but a few thousand injuries and with this elevator being as old as it is, I really don’t want to take my chances.

CHARLOTTE: (gives Jake a funny look) And how do you know all of this?

JAKE: Well, see, I read. I read a lot. (in an undertone he adds) Situations like this make it worth it.

CHARLOTTE: (she reaches out and punches the buttons again) Well sweety, this is the real world, not book world and punching things usually work.

JAKE: (reaches out again frantically) Don’t! Seriously, are you trying to get us killed? And why does everyone think that punching machinery is the best solution to the problem?

CHARLOTTE: Because it works.

JAKE: Contrary to popular belief, punching does NOT in fact work. It just creates more work for the specialist having to fix it later.

CHARLOTTE: Okay Mr. Smarty-pants, how do you propose we fix this problem?

JAKE: (looks at his watch) We sit here and wait for them to figure out we never made it downstairs and let them handle the situation. (he then very awkwardly sits on the floor and crosses his legs, hands together in front of him)

CHARLOTTE: (looks at him on the floor and rolls her eyes) We sit here.

JAKE: Yep.

CHARLOTTE: And what happens if we’re in here all day and no one finds us?

JAKE: (finally looks up at her) What’s wrong? Afraid of elevators?

CHARLOTTE: (sighs impatiently) No, it’s lunch and I have things to do.

JAKE: (twiddles his thumbs) 11 o’clock nail appointment?


CHARLOTTE: (cocks an eyebrow and stares down at him) Did you just crack a joke?

JAKE: No, I’m being 100% honest.

CHARLOTTE: And we’re on a roll.

JAKE: Technically that’s not possible seeing as we’re in an el-

CHARLOTTE: Okay, I got it, thanks. (pause) And I don’t have a nail appointment.


CHARLOTTE: (looks at him waiting for a response) Nothing witty?

JAKE: Not at the moment no. (pause) So then what’s so important that being stuck in an elevator with the prime of nerds can’t even compare to?

CHARLOTTE: (she smirks at this while looking up at the ceiling) I have an appointment with the director of nursing at my dad’s nursing home.

JAKE: (looks up slowly) Your dad’s in a nursing home? But you’re so young.

CHARLOTTE: (shrugs and speaks very quietly) His doctors and lawyer think that it’s time he signs over his power of attorney to me. We can only do this during the day while he’s lucid.

JAKE: Alzheimer’s?

CHARLOTTE: Early on-set. He’s fifty-three and it’s progressing fast.

JAKE: (looks back down at his hands) I’m sorry.

CHARLOTTE: (shakes her head) Don’t be sorry. Life happens sometimes and we just gotta deal, ya know? We just have to keep our chins up and plow on.

JAKE: That’s a horrible motto. It’s so… de-humanizing.

CHARLOTTE: Truth hurts, kiddo. But enough about this please, I need to get my mind off it right now.

JAKE: You know what the best thing about Alzheimer’s is?

CHARLOTTE: (looks at him incredulously) Um…

JAKE: You get to meet new people every-

CHARLOTTE: (cuts him off) Thanks!

JAKE: (pauses) Too soon?

CHARLOTTE: (Nods her head) Yep. (she looks at the buttons and notices something) Hey, the elevator is moving!

JAKE: (gets up very clumsily and puts hands back in pockets) See, that wasn’t so bad.

CHARLOTTE: (laughs lightly) I guess not. (she starts walking off the elevator but says over her shoulder) Thanks for the entertainment, Joe!

JAKE: (hesitates for a minute) It’s Jake… My name is Jake. (looks up and runs after her) Hey, do you know what happens when a blonde gets Alzheimer’s?

CHARLOTTE: Can it Wonderboy.



Created: Jan 08, 2010


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