Global Clean Water Project

By karmicintent

Water is Life, and over the last decade, the need for clean water has not been met in most of the world. We, who mostly live in the developed world, often don't give much thought to the processes that bring us clean water, and how threatened the rest of the world's water sources are.

Having travelled for the last year and continuing to do so for 2010, I have seen the severe breakdown of the systems allowing for availability of clean water all over the world. When we aren't seeing floods or droughts ravaging countries the world over, destroying crops and wreaking havoc on the ecosystem, we see the active human destruction of their life giving sources- rivers, lakes, dams, and the ocean, not to mention the pollution we put into the air.

For example, in India, whilst I was working at an orphanage there (which has a severe water shortage, so much so that the children have to wash in the Ganges once a week instead of having a working shower), tests showed that even as far upstream as Rishikesh, where we were living, the water is not even clean enough for use in agriculture, with the coliform count way over what any waterway should be. Rishikesh is the first big town after the glacier at Gangotri, the source of the Mother Ganga, Holy River of the Hindus.. yet the water is so polluted by coliforms that those who choose to bathe in it are putting themselves at risk. And why? Because Indians put plastic, detergents, faeces and other rubbish, including people's bodies, straight into the Ganges, and the glacier is melting faster than it should because of warming. In less than 10 years, there will be no more Ganges river, which feeds other rivers in China and surrounding countries as well.

Global Clean Water is a new initiative started by Donovan Bailey, who had an epiphany one day about the need to promote water conservation especially amongst children. The project will be officially launched on World Water Day on March 22nd, 2010, with double events- one in San Diego, one in Mumbai. The focus is on developing an educational program for children to be implemented into curriculums, with link up of schools in developing countries to those in developed, who will help with funding to create clean water and educate the young about preserving their water sources. There will be a children's album, books, and curriculum.

We currently are in need of people with various skills or who can donate time, money or products to the project. Please go to and contact Donovan at for more information. YOU have the power to be involved in this project and make it happen, no matter what your skill set. We especially want musicians, illustrators, writers, people in PR and companies that might want to contribute.

Check it out and let's make this a RECord to REmember!

Love and Peace, M

Global Clean Water Project

Created: Jan 08, 2010


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