The Sorrow Bird - drawing draft

By yequay

Sorrow bird sketch using traditional media, desaturated and cropped from original hard copy drawing. Thinking of redesigning and or redrawing digitally, adding colored eyes (red, glowing?).

I think the poem and reading this is a response to would be a fun short piece to animate.

Other ideas for further collaboration:
-using Cuspchild's "daydream" record as a background (with the sorrow bird placed in the lower right hand corner)
-additional drawings of sorrow bird for use in a possible animation
-adding color to aforementioned background, altering colored record's saturation for animation purposes (such as panning into the scene at full color, then fading the color out upon the animated arrival of the sorrow bird)

The Sorrow Bird - drawing draft

Created: Jan 08, 2010


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