Family knows best?

By sweetdisposition

I love my family... they keep things interesting...

"Jess why are you eating pancakes?"
"Because its breakfast"
"I thought your new years resolution was to lose weight"
"Uhhh no.."
"Oh.. Well it should be."

"How could you go about losing weight?"
"I don't know mom, my hair probably weighs three pounds"
"I don't think you would look good with short hair"
"I wasn't serious at all, I'm going to work now"

"Jessica, wow, you're not heavy!"
"I've been working out grandma..."
"Well thank god, we were all betting on how much weight you'd gain after the breakup"
"Gee thanks... so who wins?"
"Not me"

"Mom look at how baggy those pants are in the crotch area"
"That'd be perfect for your penis"
"I don't have a... I'm walking away now"

"Jess, I wore your dress!"
"What dress?"
"The one that I was supposed to wear in your wedding"
"The bridesmaid dress?"
"Yea, even though the wedding didn't work out, you were right, it looked great on me"
"Well I'm glad I got something right"

Family knows best?

Created: Jan 08, 2010


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