You Had To Be There...

By sweetdisposition

I love when people tell me a story, and end it with the saying, "you had to be there." Maybe if I was invited (jerks!). Anyways, here are excerpts from stories of my own... in which you probably had to be there.

"I thought I would send him a valentines day card"
"And.. how'd that go?"
"It was awkward when I asked for his address so I thought making a joke would lighten the mood"
"Did it?"
"Well, I asked him for his address, and when he asked why, I said so I could stalk him, but I was just kidding! You'd think he'd know me by now"
"After only one date? You're nuts. I would wish you good luck dating this one, but if you're stalking him, you don't need it"

"He told me I had a beautiful nose"
"You should have complimented his nail beds"
"Oh right, nail beds, how logical... I don't know why I talk to you"

"He got a new girlfriend."
"I heard she's cute... like a fetus"
"That's disgusting and offensive"
"I just want you to know that I'm prepared to hate this girl as much as you want"

"Look at that billboard, what are they doing?"
"They're probably a band from Europe"
"But they're all Asian acrobats... are you feeling okay?"

"I wish we would have gotten that sexy doughnut. Damn."
"Just to clarify, you mean the huge cock shaped doughnut with the word sexy on it? I'm just trying to make sure we're seeing the same thing."
"Yes, that one... Duh."

"Are those people getting their food before us? They ordered after us!! WE ORDERED FIRST!!"
"Are you a grown man, are you almost 25 years old? Control yourself, you're scaring those kids"

You Had To Be There...

Created: Jan 08, 2010


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