Cat Lady Ad

By sweetdisposition

Creative writing personal ad I wrote in college! Enjoy friends!!

Dear avid reader,

I would like to immediately let you know that if any of your dates involve ice cream, now is the time to stop reading. The only intolerance I have, is that of lactose. On that note, I love cheese products.
As a member of the Society of Future Cat Ladies, I would like you to know, that I anticipate a future with hundreds of cats. And particularly a tabby named JP, or Juan Pablo for all of you Spanish speakers out there. But my mother suggested that I put out a personal ad in the off chance that someone wishes to take me out on a date. My idea of the perfect date, is going to the Humane Society, to pick out some of my future cats. Just a suggestion.
I am Hispanic, which means I can make a mean enchilada, and that the lactose intolerance will get progressively worse as I age. I dread the day I can longer consume cheese product. I thoroughly enjoy music, and dancing. No, I do not tango or salsa dance... in public. I can sing, but so can small children.
I'm old enough to know, that age really doesn't matter. And young enough to know, that I'm not old. I love to go to the movies, and play video games.. unless I'm losing. People have told me I'm not like other girls.. but I promise I am. I share the same anatomy as most other females.
If you're interested.. please send me the information I ask of you.

What's your favorite cereal?
Do you like dried pineapple?
How do you feel about cats?

Thanks for reading, sincerely,

Cat Lady #2905381

Cat Lady Ad

Created: Jan 08, 2010


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