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Earth Seed

By MajorThom

With earth we plant our roots of birth,
And learn the forms of human worth,

With water we adapt our hearts,
And quench the life force of our arts,

With wind we all may breath as one,
And pass along the song of sun,

With the fire so we burn away,
The old ideas of yesterday,

With flow we channel from the void,
And grant the moment love enjoyed,

With love we sense with reverence,
From mere light blossoms bold brilliance,

With play we stoke that light within,
And shine it with warmth on our kin,

Together we can break the mold,
Emerge through brittle walls of old,

We’re made of magic, of stardust,
Our unison, Our fearless trust,

Will shed this galactic cocoon,
We’ll dance on universal noon,

Then ripple out so pure and true,
We’ll grace forever with a view!

Earth Seed

Created: Sep 24, 2010


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