By JgButtahz

I have never really experienced death on a personal matter
well I cant say that because I have
but until now, Ive never been old enough to understand it
I never knew the slew of emotions that you go through
Yes I do know the five stages of grief
but I don't even think I am in any of them
I think there's a step they never tell you about
the step that makes you numb
the step that puts you into shock
is that what they mean by denial?
but I'm not denying that this is real
I'm not isolating myself from it either
I'm just trying to wrap myself around what happened
Its too soon to be angry
but everyone grieves in their own way
so who knows when the bargaining will start
or how long the depression will last
All I know is that I cant accept this
when I cant even grasp it


Created: Jan 08, 2010


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