By poetinmotion

my weapon of choice for a while there was slam poetry.
so this would be a sample of that. primarily experimental because i'm not usually into rhyming but i tried it on for size.
it's pretty old, but i'm gonna go out on a limb and just put it up to compensate for my lack of records... :o)


let me tell you,
you're golden.

golden like the east skies,
the sunrise,
the final successful try after you've failed a hundred times.

you're golden like
corny lines,
never being right on time,
searching in your eyes until i find an undersized piece of your heart
that, you warned me, was broken from the start,
but i loved you enough to let you borrow some of mine.

i'm pretty sure you realize you drive me out of my mind...

far enough to make me rhyme

which i don't do very often,

but for you...
i'll make an exception.

i know this wasn't what you were expecting.

i've got my quirks, some misconceptions
that sometimes lead me in the wrong directions
but it's never hard to get back on track
when your hand is clasped with mine

you're like my north star,
my favorite scar
that tells the story of how i walked so far
to get back the pieces of your broken heart
to fill in the blanks that were there at the start

and let me just say...
you deserved it.

you were worth it.

your smile still makes me nervous.

i went so long without seeing it,
i wasn't sure if it would return to the surface.

but i'm glad it has
i'll even go as far as to say i hope
it stays for a while

because your
golden smile
makes my day
and without it...

i'd be forced to keep rhyming.

which didn't really work out too well, now did it?


Created: Jan 08, 2010


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