Non-'Creative' Contributions

By roofjumper

My Hit Record profile page. Roofjumper is my name. I just watched Joe’s ‘New Deal’ video - really inspiring and well explained. As someone who does not regularly create visual, audio, video, or generally ‘creative’ content, I’m intrigued into thinking about what I can bring to the table in such an open creative environment.

I consider myself fortunate to know and live amongst some of the most creative and interesting friends I’ve ever had - musicians, painters, poets, sculptors, writers, producers, architects, filmmakers, chefs and mixologists even - but I’ve never considered myself a collaborator in their creative endeavors.

That being said, I have been an active administrator and encourager in many of those endeavors, and perhaps there’s a place for that at Hit Record. Surely encouragement and engagement is a big (or at least helpful) part of any creative process. The question I have for myself is how to lend that in an online environment such as this, and if there are other ways for me to be involved.

Anyway, excited to get started.

Non-'Creative' Contributions

Created: Jan 08, 2010


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