Nothing Big animation (version)

By MarieIv

Finally! I uploaded it in flv ))) Proper brighter version =:)

Here's my animation I did for the Nothing Big collaboration.
I used huge amount of my photos and drawings.

I feel the need to explain some ideas of video. Ok, so I thought - what if this song is about finding a friend?
I found my friend in dog shelter, she is a wonderful dog, and it is true that she's never won any prize, she is
mixed breed dog, and I wouldn't say she is hot :) but she is also the One who will love me no matter what... And this is the
only thing that's matter. I don't like cats, and don't need any other animal, so I guess my Dog was a good inspiration.

P.S. the part of video with the song's word "revolutionary" references to the novella by George Orwell "Animal Farm"
because i couldn't think up any other animal suitable for this word.

And thank you RegularJOE for woderful song.
Hope you guys like.

Nothing Big animation (version)

Created: Sep 22, 2010


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