brainstorming for Sundance 2

By iasiosee

just some ideas out of the head for Sundance posters and stuff...(just a brainstorming before bed ;-))

this didn't fit on the first record, so sorry for having a second record with only some "leftovers"

comments on (1): could be cool if there were balloons with REC written on them.

comments on (2): on some screens showing the current record or the last * records and some stats.

comments on (3): if there is something like a hitrecord book or brochure or anything like that we could add the people at the bottom right with the page number and having some sort of flipbook where the circle changes in a heart and in a sun (like poster).

brainstorming for Sundance 2

Created: Jan 07, 2010

Tags: sundance, hitrecord

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