Sundance Poster "Video" theme

By Melanne

I really like the records of this collaboration. And I tried to create a poster for the "video theme" after the one about music (by Marke) and the other one about photography (by alexblackwelder). I tried as much as possible to keep the same style than the first records, even if I think I didn't really succeed... I was in a quandary (that's a strange feeling to find some words in a dictionary which not seem to be true, or simply weird...but we can't do anything else than to trust the dictionary...) about the camera. I thought first to take a picture of my digital camera but I didn't have enough light to do it, so I've chosen a Super8 and I prefer actually this model because it seems more stylish in a way... What do you think? it's to be remix anyway :-) There is maybe a problem of size of the picture... I wasn't sure but I can adjust it easily if it's too small.

Sundance Poster

Created: Jan 07, 2010

Tags: 8mm, camera, shooting, sundance, video, poster, camcorder

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