The Sad and Tremulously Tear Tearing Tale of The Little Dancer

By Ella

Once there lived a princess fair,
With eyes like jewels and golden hair,
And skin like milk and teeth like pearl,
She really was a lovely girl.

She charmed the birds to come and sit,
And sing upon her fingertips,
And when she swam the fish would smile,
And gleam below her all the while.

A castle was her stately home,
With twirling spires and copper domes,
The doors were made of magic oak,
That laughed when opened and sang and spoke.

The kingdom’s people adored her so,
They’d watched her learn and watched her grow,
They felt she was their special treasure,
And she’d stay with them forever and ever.

But she did have one very secret wish,
Not to swim with silver fish,
Or hear each every bird that sings,
And flutters ‘round on silver wings.

She loved to dance! And every day,
The forest a visit she would pay,
And practice for hours her unknown skill,
And with movement the silent woodland fill.

Now there was but one who, unlike the rest,
The Little Princess did detest,
She hated how she was adored,
How every word issued applause,

How people longed to see her appear,
How she was the nations “little dear”;
“Why, she has never worked a day!
And I’m left here to slave away...”

Thus thought the girl of the shoe maker,
Who, not so pretty and not so fair,
Had worked each day since she was four,
And never thought of it anymore,

Till the Little Princess came along,
And with every laugh and every song,
The nation cooed, “Oh little precious,”
And the shoe maker’s daughter began to feel jealous.

Now I’m not one for taking sides,
But I know where my allegiance lies,
And I have to say now sadly that,
The shoe maker’s daughter was a brat!

She’d scream and screech when not complied,
She’d tease and tell such awful lies,
She liked to drive her parents mad,
Oh poor old Mum, and poor old Dad!

And so, in time, they both fell ill,
And got steadily worse until,
One day they lay completely still,
And their pale skin began to chill.

This was sad, because you see,
Though horrid, nasty, cruel and mean,
The shoe maker’s girl had been left alone,
In a cold, cold world with a heart of stone.

Katrina (for this was her name)
Was filled with anger, hurt and shame,
She knew she’d never be the same!
So looked around for one to blame.

Now, fate would have (as it likes to do)
Its way, and so, like an arrow true,
It aimed in a random direction,
And hit Sweet Princess with precision.

Thus, unbeknownst to Bella fair,
(For as the only royal heir,
She had to have a name quite fitting,
To upon a throne be sitting,)

Her fate was cast like gamblers dice,
(Which cannot feel so very nice,
To have your life snatched from your hands,
And be left to Great Time’s Sands)

But anyhow, that’s how it was,
And we can’t change that now because,
This story has already been,
It’s actors cast and all scenes seen.

So one day when she departed,
And off on her white horse she started,
Humming to a little tune,
One about Love or early June,

When suddenly, what should appear!
Red eyes, Brown teeth, and nasty leer,
An evil magician! All cloaked in green,
And moons and stars with dirty sheen.

“So you fancy yourself quite a dancer?
I’ve seen you leap you little prancer!
And now you’ll dance forevermore
In my dark castle, off the shore!”

“Oh help! Oh no!” she screamed and cried,
“I’ve never harmed one little fly!
What have I done to deserve this fate?”
But by then, it was too late.

The dark magician locked her in
A tiny box as black as sin,
And dressed her in pink ballet clothes,
And froze her in a dancing pose.

Now here she stayed for many years,
She’d quite lost count of all the tears,
In fact she never cried; no more!
And so she rotted to her core.

So that by the year of her death, well,
She was no more than an empty shell,
With glassy eyes and hair coloured tin,
And skin too pale and bones too thin.

Now back in that poor bereft nation,
Katrina dear had risen station,
And now she was the princess there,
Though she could no longer say she cared.

For every day she was wracked with guilt,
By the cruel injustice she had dealt,
To that little princess, so sweet and young!
She’d never harmed a single one.

Now on one day, the pain so bad,
It drove Katrina dear quite mad,
She made her way to the turret top,
And there she wailed, and jumped, and dropped.

This tale is so almighty sad,
I have to say I’m almost glad,
That it is finished and all said,
It causes me a tear to shed!

For now you see the poison seed,
That is cruel jealousy and greed,
And how they made themselves seem mistaken
And now two harmless lives they’ve taken.

The Sad and Tremulously Tear Tearing Tale of The Little Dancer

Created: Jan 07, 2010


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