The REGULARITY (#35) 09/20/10

By The Regularity

Hello Ladies and Gents!!!
Yep that's right we got another show to do, and this time it's a big one!.

So let's get ready ........

Find out here what you can contribute for's FALL FORMAL.

We are calling all writers to jump in on couple big projects.

Fake Histories are getting really good, so let's keep making them.

I really like fredwatford's "Road to Fall Formal" collab, so let's all shoot ourselves getting dressed up fancy style like we are going to the theatre, and then we can REmix them into something really cool.

And let's check out Nebulullaby and add some new things to it.

Tickets are selling hot... and this venue is no joke.... so it's a great sign of how things are going pretty good for us!

So keep up the good work and let's put on a show!!!

Thanks again,


Final Cut by Dr. Gory

The REGULARITY (#35) 09/20/10

Created: Sep 20, 2010


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