Spooky Romance

By aurora188

i wrote this song a few weeks ago after we bought out first house... i figured with Halloween coming soon, i should finally record it. would love some male harmony's added in if anyone is up for it :)

here are the lyrics.

this is the house we're gonna die in
this is the one they'll walk right past
this is the place where all our memories will live
for years and years locked away to last

this will be the house with boarded windows
with nothing but our love left inside
those who venture in will have their hair stand on end
then they will surely leave crying

we'll go dancing in the attic
holding each others smoky hands
we'll throw on a sheet and then lift our feet
loving out spooky romance

we'll put on an old vinyl record
it would even scare away a tiny mouse
although i'll be a ghost i'll be the one you love the most
and we'll live happy ever after in our haunted house

Spooky Romance

Created: Sep 20, 2010


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