brainstorm: sundance poster

By alexblackwelder

I mentioned this over on one of Marke's posters and I figured it'd be good if I wrote more of my ideas.

I really liked Marke's poster with the vinyl. It was to the point and beautiful eye candy. BUT, like some mentioned, we don't want people to get the idea that hitrecord is solely music.

So I was thinking, what if we had a series of posters each highlighting a different medium on the site? A music poster.. photography... video... traditional mediums.. I don't know about ya'll, but when I see the same poster plastered all over town I tend to just ignore it. This way, it would continue to catch people's attention AND be really cool souvenirs :D

I played a little with some things to just show what I meant. This in no way is meant to actually be good. Ha :)

brainstorm: sundance poster

Created: Jan 07, 2010


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