By j shadowself

we went to remember you...wearing the bobbles and jewels that defined you as you. drive up the coast to enjoy and honor. you grandmother and mother to two women i love so well, my best friend and her mother, to me you are the kind and welcoming old woman the matriarch of a talented and strong tribe. at a wedding for a marriage now dissolved i helped you with little things and you made me laugh enduring you to me. you are my soul sister's favored grandmere. so in your honor we at seabugs and cow at the pier thinking of what a blessed gift you were and are and will be.

as we sat there i looked out the window and saw three boats a float on the sea...the day was so sweet it left me wanting my aunties, missing my mother and my oma so dear. through this day of remembering i was reminded of the beauty in honoring those lost who have gone before the matriarchs of the tribe. in recalling we find ourself, through the ancients we come into ourselves...remembering.


Created: Sep 19, 2010


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