For DominoHop

By The New-Age Thinker

I hope this does your story justice.

I had never seen so wide a grin on one so close to death;
but even though the smile came, your eyes told me the rest.
You were an angel, lacking naught, and I had always found
that my life was happier whenever you were around.

But people go, as people come, unfair as it may be;
and yet you tried to fight it off, so you could wait for me.
I love you , Mom, more than words could ever express,
and I hope that you did realize, to me you were the best.

I didn't want to say goodbye, for to me it wasn't true;
I didn't think God would take away someone as good as you.
Yet the darkness did close in, and on so fragile a frame.
And if you had the power to, I know you would've stayed.

I'll sing for you in all my dreams, because to me you'll never die.
I'll always have you somewhere near; you're always on my mind.

Thanks to Dolphin 170 for showing me DominoHop's story.

For DominoHop

Created: Sep 18, 2010


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