A Brief History of Music

By ManWithHat

Manacled to Music:
Maniacal measures made to measure the pleasure
Of this, our daily pleasure. Treasured
Far and wide, in so
Far as those that reside
Inside flesh tacked to bone, sealed with skin,
And all that's known
(Syntax compels these tracks
to join hands in joint tone
and venture into the well-known
unknown -
That means everyone).

On your knees, everyone please, and let us pray:
Manacled to music.

When the first tribes first grew diatribes
Among the lilies of the field,
The crops yield grew twofold
And told of the Glory of the Coming of the War.
Before that wild ride into the storm,
Spiritual union was necessary,
And so stolen was music from Peace of mind
and thrown into the boiling pot of conquest.

And you know the rest.

Knowledge becomes a footnote to Glory,
Information minor to the rising major Story,
More Heat needed
To make the melody burn faster; we
Master the tonal ticking of a tactical time bomb.
It means peace. Maybe you've heard of it.
The Torah was sung before it was writ,
Divine melodies alter to make the culture fit
Its sound.

And I'm homeward bound,
Transported by the comfort
Of a song's soliloquy before it goes down
And Dylan goes down
And Knowledge goes down
And Janice goes down
On me
And that's what we call a "love song."

A Brief History of Music

Created: Jan 07, 2010


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