Longing Is Such Sorrow (Rough Draft)

By Aud-ONE

These hands and knees are stained by a carpet I rarely ever clean,
my fumbled whispers are only heard by my own ears and suffering

My wants are abandoned, my needs: necessit-ized,
I fill the pit of my stomach with hopelessness and thoughts with empty eyes

I no longer look at sound, no longer see vibration currents float across a steady ear,
just another disappointment and another night spent bent up in fear

I am hope-bound, so if only for one night, I can sleep with a restful head,
count my sheep from here to there instead of flopping around my bed

I am instilled with some form of assurance of my existence,
that "forgotten" is a state of mind and not a physical state you take when no one listens

I am like anyone else, another helpless human being,
if only I could replace my resilient words with what the world thinks their seeing

What we really want is for someone to listen and reply to our cry for help,
then maybe we'll cure each other, and then free somebody else

Fly to the worlds rescue, spread our wings and pay it forward,
release humanity from its shackles of fate and self-inflicted horrors

But I warn you, if it is too late, and my wishes are never heard, my ambitions turn to lies,
Im just another bird imprisoned in it's cage and waiting yet to die...


NOTE: i just came up with this off the spot, its not too good right now, but... i dont know if its any help. haha

Longing Is Such Sorrow (Rough Draft)

Created: Jan 07, 2010


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