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By Davardo

Circle of Deception
by: D.T. Hallman

Before you is the red skinned Orphanicus
a spider best known for it's seductive lies
You see, unlike most other spiders
the orphanicus puts things in its web to attract its prey
Things of a desirable nature
But today, the item of desire happens to be the predator herself
For the Orphanicus is today attracting its mate
And so, she places herself in the center of her web
She releases her pheromones to the open air
A male catches a whiff off in the distance
He travels through thicket brush and litter left by man
Just to get to his destination
To mate with this spider
To meet his unwitting end
He reaches her web and climbs in next to her
Unbeknownst to him, the trap is sprung
The female latches onto the male and slowly begins to suck the life out of him
The male begins to fight it but slowly fails
Every second, the male draws closer to death
Every second seems like a year
Every year, a millenium
Ever millenium, an eternity
The female has had her fill
Her belly full of sin and deception
All from the trust and hopes of one of her own
The female cares not
This is the circle of the feeding
She cares not where her next meal comes from
So long as she gets what she desires
All else matters not

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Created: Jan 07, 2010


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