A short story about no one.

By let.it.be.cassie

Once upon a time there was a once and a before. The before doesn’t matter so much as the once. You see the process of time didn’t really matter, only the fact time existed. In one place at one time there were two people who set the plot line for all dramatic dilemmas. She loved him. He loved her. But yet they couldn’t settle on the outcome of what to do with this love.
She understood the changes of the tide. He only swam in the sea. How could they ever have existed in a room together? She didn’t wear shoes because she was convinced she was the Walrus. He hardly understood why her heels were so dirty. They couldn’t truly agree that two and two was four or two plus two equaled four. Counting their blessings ended up in an argument of what was positive and negative.
He loved every curve on her body and would sometimes connect her beauty marks with a sharpie. Even when standing still he always thought it looked like she was somehow swaying perfectly to the tune of some unheard song. And he loved her. He loved every bit of her and hated all the bits he didn’t have time to love.
She couldn’t make direct eye contact when speaking, only with him. In between sentences she’d somehow sneak a glance at his face, although she was a child watching a couple kiss out of the corner of their eye. She would give the world just to lay on a surface and speak of nothings with him. The inbetween times she realized she hated all the words he never spoke of when he was trying to edit what he said.
In a field of pavement and man made ecosystems they had to muster up the courage to part. Cutting off their main supply of warm heat to have at night, and the phallanges that would help them hang onto the existence of life.
“I hate the inbetween times when I realize I hate all the words you never speak when you’re trying to edit what you’re saying.” She chirped with a matter of fact tone. Her arms were crossed across her chest, a body language sign to fuck off. He didn’t notice such things.
“I hate all the bits of you I don’t have time to love.” He groaned, with a tone trying to match hers but flailing around for a life raft.
“Well then what should we do?” Running four fingers precisely through the six strands of runaway hair across her cheek, she looked away towards a tree, or anything else she could try and grasp.
“I don’t like making decisions.” He followed her eye line, and mapped out percisely the same get away route she was making up just in case it came time to run away from the situation.
“I’m not strong enough to stay. Therefore I’m going to leave.” She uncrossed her arms, and turned that slender chin in his direction.
“I’m to weak to stay.” He threw her jumble of words straight back in her face, missing her personal self esteem by inches.
“Then it’s settled.” With a leg lift left then right, she sauntered towards him in five easy steps, secretly already in pieces. With her right golden nail hand she extended a fair well handshake.
He grasped her thin fingers in his bulky palm. Cool to the touch, slightly dewy, God he was going to miss her. “Adue.” He said, through a buttoned up lip.
“Auvoier.” Her tongue wet her lips after speaking her final words. He noticed.
A quick lift in her chubby cheeks, and a smile was turned on too quick for human eyes. He tried one but couldn’t undo his lips, for fear he’d scream her name and cry like a baby for her to never ever leave.
He didn’t say anything. She turned and walked away. And that was all.
Two people are sometimes not meant to be in the most meant to be way. She and he were simply meant to be so much it tore the barrier of reality and made up scenarios of love sick lonely people. They had to part due to the simple fact that it was too good to even exist.
The once upon a time factor was set by their destruction and creation. Before there was two lovers. And once they decided to never see each other again. So that goes it.

A short story about no one.

Created: Sep 17, 2010


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