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By: D.T. Hallman

As Eric stood there at the 7/11, he couldn't help but feel empty
The gas pumped slowly into his fully laden SUV
All he owned inside
The cold wind making his neck hairs stand on end
His pea coat covered in snow
Where would he go from here
He had no idea
When would Sarah take him back
Her name twinged his mind like a needle full of CO2
Sending him slowly down into a spiral of what once was
Her soft brown her
Her glowing blue eyes
The way she added a lisp to all the things she was passionate about
Eric snapped back to reality
That was then
This was now
He walked into the 7/11 to pay what he owed
To his immediate right was a freezer of energry drinks
Surely caffeine would help him now
He paid for his gas
Bartered for the Red Bull
He opened the cold drink and took a long sip
The scotch of energy drinks for sure
A strong taste
Almost disgusting
But not without its charms
The strong smell of the drink lingered in the frostbitten air
Her face appeared in his mind again
Would this be his fate forever
To see her with every memory
To remember the nuances of her face
To constantly wish she would take him back
Eric certainly hoped not
But he knew that hoping wouldn't make it so
He chugged the last sip of his drink and put the can in front of his tire
He had to forget her
He had to move on
He got back in his car and started the engine
From this day forward he would not care about Sarah any longer
He pulled the car forward and crushed the can beneath it with his tires
In the rear view mirror he saw his daughter
Sound asleep in her car seat
In that same car seat slept his shame
His weakness
His sin
And yet also slept his love
His passion
His life

Created: Jan 07, 2010


Davardo Document Media