Do You Remember?

By whosBacon

do you, remember
when you loved this strongly
last time you cried so sadly
you let yourself in too deeply

do you, remember
when you were so young so naive
last time you laugh this happily
you let yourself be free

it doesn't, even matter
how long ago it has been
all the heartbreaks you were in
tears that're still running

please, remember
to let your heart be happy
it can't always be raining
sun will rise before you know it

just sing, let it be
there are more than you can see
so please, just keep
that innocence going

just breath, keep smiling
do you see the sun shining
so please, believe
in a happy ending

so please, tell me
can i buy you a coffee

Do You Remember?

Created: Jan 07, 2010

Tags: remember, poem, lyrics

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