From Love to Love

By TashaMajestic

From Love to Love

He was waiting at the gates
When I first arrived.
He took my hand and held it
Wanting a reply.

I said, “It’s nice to meet you.”
What do you say to God?
Then He began to hug me
And I could not respond.

He held me back and carefully
God looked me in the eyes.
“There's sadness in your heart,” He said.
And I had no reason to lie.

Though, I know I may be old
My hair both gone and gray,
To leave you, Love, it hurt me too,
To know I'd be away.

I told him this. He understood
And gently kissed my heart.
From this gesture, all my fear
Quickly it did part.

And in its place what did I find?
The purest kind of love.
A love so strong, it has become me.
A love found only from above.

And heaven here, Oh!
It’s beauty beyond compare
Except here now, next to you
With the love we share.

I come to you, my dear one
With some last requests.
Please do know I am in peace
And our love is a success.

For when God touched my heart, you see,
It grew and grew in size.
And now the love I have for you
Is fully maximized.

Sitting here beside you
I gently stroke your hand.
I see the pain and guilt you feel.
Please know I understand.

And I ask of you to worry not
For I am always here
Each day here beside you
Whispering hope in your ear.

Giving you a hand
A wink, a hug, a kiss.
As I know what you need, Love
And I see what you miss.

But it is not that time
To walk with me again.
It's some many moons away,
So patience, my dear friend.

Know that I do miss you, too,
And I still love you more.
Much more today than I have ever known.
Knowing I am eternally yours.

From Love to Love

Created: Jan 07, 2010


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