The Railroad Brawler

By RedrustedHat

He walked down the tracks in his rags, with a bag of his possestions strapped to his back.

Though he didn't have a home, he didn't mind feeling alone. It was a bright beautiful day and the birds were singing away.

Big luminous trees were all around, and there was juicy fruit off the branches he could pull right down "Why should I ever go back to that town?" He thought

Then down the tracks he saw three boys that were distraught. There were two robbers who had them caught, they were bigger so the boys had been outfought.

Wrong time wrong place is how this situation was brought, then the man in rags had a marvoulous thought.

He jumped off the tracks quick so to not be seen. He crawled through the foliage and seen the boys on their knees with the robbers going through their jeans.

This is when the man in rags was happy, he was once in the Marines. Jumping out of his hiding spot he hit the man closest in the back of his head with a thunderous shot, the goon could do nothing but keel over and drop.

The other robber just stood in awe; on the floor was his jaw. He couln't believe his partner got dropped from a guy that looked like a grandpa.

The man in rags inching closer; the robber reached to his side like he had something holstered. In that moment in time it was like everything was frozen over.

The men stared daggers knowing what was on each other's mind. The time crept slowly by and they both realized it was do or die.

The robber standing a good six foot two, young dressed with shiny shoes, he robbed for fun, it wasn't like he was on the run. Then you had the poor man with nothing to lose, he had a rough life and what he was looking at was a boy with no common sense in sight.

What the man did next left the robber with such a fright he had nightmares about it for the rest of his life. The man in rags acted like throwing a right, instead ducked the robber's punch and launched a punch with his left to his windpipe.

The three young boys that were saved never seen such a sight. And vowed to the man they would tell the town people and he would be payed very nice.

But the man denied their offer and continued down the tracks farther. The boys spread the word in town about him and the legend was born "The Railroad Brawler".

The Railroad Brawler

Created: Sep 15, 2010


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