The Door That Leads To Anywhere - Part 2 (Flashback)

By deeasherself

Sunny was at school playing Star Wars with her friends. Jenny was Princess Leia, Luke was Luke Skywalker, and Paul was Darth Vader. Sunny chose, as always, Han Solo. Her friends tried once again to get her to pick somebody else –maybe even a Stormtrooper- but no, it was always Han Solo. The reason, kept only to herself, was the Millenium Falcon. A young man was watching them, amused at the sight of their stick lightsaber. Sunny was the only one who noticed him, which caused her to get killed accidentally by Luke, who cried and felt guilty until recess was over. Luke was also a little mad at Paul, who kept saying “I am your father”, to which Luke always replied “No! My daddy is my father and you’re not my daddy!”. Sunny’s curiosity turned out to be strong, so she went to talk with the young man.
-The force is strong in you, young padawan- said the man, smiling.
-I’m not a padawan, I’m Han Solo- informed Sunny.
-But he doesn’t fight with lightsabers- said the man, confused.
-I, Sunny, do fight with lightsabers, and when I pretend to be Han Solo, I pretend Han Solo fights with lightsabers, and so far it’s worked!
-Then, I apologize, Captain- said the man smiling. Sunny looked at him in the eyes.
-What’s your name?
-Tom- he reached out his hand to Sunny, she shook it.
-I’m Sunny.
-You have a pretty name.
-Thank you- she smiled. The teacher called her name.
-I have to go, it was nice meeting you! - She said, while running back to the classroom. The teacher looked confused.
-Who were you talking to, darling? - She was a sweet young woman with a voice like honey and eyes like the sun.
-Tom- replied simply Sunny. She went to sit with Jenny, Paul and Luke, who was still a little worried about her.

When Sunny arrived to her house, Tom was sitting in the front porch. She waved goodbye at her friends in the bus and turned around fixing her hair.
-You got attacked?
-Jenny and I always do it, but I have to fix it before I go inside because my grandma gets upset if it’s messy.- Sunny said, sitting next to Tom. – How did you get here?
-Do you like The Beatles?
-Sure I do! I mean, who doesn’t?
-My classmate’s stepfather doesn’t – said Sunny, in a sad tone.
-Yeah… - She sighed- I don’t know what’s his problem either.
-Poor guy.
-Well, I have a phonograph and the complete discography, you wanna listen to them with me while my grandma is still at work?
-I’d love to!
Sunny opened the door with a key she took out of her bag. It was attached to a keychain of a smiling dancing sun.
-So, any record in particular you would want to hear?
-Well… -Tom pondered about this for a minute- I think I’ll go with the good old 1963 “Please Please Me”, please. - Sunny laughed, she always enjoyed games of words. She looked for it and put it in the phonograph. As I Saw Her Standing There started to play, Tom and Sunny looked at each other for a few seconds. They both laughed, they knew they couldn’t control themselves so they just started dancing.

The Door That Leads To Anywhere - Part 2 (Flashback)

Created: Jan 06, 2010


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