The voice of my brain

By Aunty Robin

A few lines in the voice of my brain?

My brain has many voices, usually all having had too much caffeine and talking over one other.

Example: My eyes are looking over the warranty deed in front of me and my brain is thinking:

If I prepare a quit claim deed from the same grantees to themselves (they were a colossal pain in the ass the first time, I can't wait to talk to them again) and use the old legal (and don't forget to tell them there is no charge to them) description (brush Persephone tonight because she is going doggie day care tomorrow) that should clear up (I need another cup of coffee if I'm going to get through that stack of files) the boundary problem (i really need to paint my toes) and then we can dead (order seeds tonight online) this file (pick up bread on the way home) once and for all.

This is why I have to write (right) everything down the first (second, third) time I learn something new.

The voice of my brain

Created: Jan 06, 2010


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