liberty & church

By tonguecutsparrow

I wanted to add this collaboration. I tried all day to think of something artful...something beautiful, and I tried not to express it in the same way I always do: through song. But alas, I could only create this sound.

I remember waking up to do laundry; having just finished high school and waiting on the whole college deal, I felt it was necessary to just lounge around and really do nothing all the time. I can remember walking towards the living room (everyone was at work) and seeing a message on the machine. I played it as I was gathering up my laundry. I can't remember every line that my father said, but I do remember this one:

"Jeremy, you need to turn in the television to CNN. What you will see is going to change everything you know. Your world is about to change." It was approximately 8:58 am.

So I saw the first tower burning. I wasn't sure what my father meant, and felt he was being a little dramatic. I went to put the clothes in the washer and came back out to the living room and heard people screaming. And there is where I saw the second plane hit, and the reactions it received. I wasn't sure what I was looking at just yet, but I suddenly got hit with a pain I had never felt; like I lost something I never knew I had: naivety and innocence. My entire world view was really going to change; the world would be completely different in my eyes from here on out, and I wasn't sure why just yet.

My parents were in the Navy (there's a huge naval base here in Pensacola), and left work early to come home and sit my sister and I down (she was still in school, so this had to be around 2:30pm). After watching the towers fall, seeing building 7 fall, watching people screaming and running and jumping to their 18 year old brain couldn't process exactly what I was seeing, or what it meant. My parents sat us down and told us who Osama Bin Laden was, what he wanted, what he meant to the US Foreign relations both past and future. They sat us down and told us to always be mindful of our own arrogance; to remind us that compassion and humility in these times was going to be immensely important.

I can't recall exactly where I was when I heard about my grandmother dying. I can't recall exactly where I was when I found out my parents were getting a divorce. I can't remember exactly where I was when I found out my uncle had committed suicide.

But I can remember exactly who and where I was this Tuesday: I was standing in my living room with tears coming down my face, and I couldn't for the life of me understand why.

liberty & church

Created: Sep 12, 2010


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