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Hello! =)

We have decided to contribute all of the RECordings from the last 2 albums of our band's work to the HitRECord Production Company! Please watch for the album titles "EIDOLON" and "FEATHERGUN" to appear in our song RECords as we post them to the site- as we will name these audio RECords with both the album titles AND the individual song titles.

We are close friends of hitRECorder "gweninterrupted" and she believes that we should become a collaborative part of the HitRECord world, so here we now are!

Please feel welcome to RErecord us into your own RECords!

Cheers- and thank you for having us!

Drew, Dave, Sean & Jesse
(a.k.a. Rishloo)

P.S. Learn more about us here: http://www.Rishloo.com

Created: Jan 06, 2010

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