The (Last) Day of Summer (Low-Res)

By MattConley

This is the low-res version. Download the high-res version for REmixing purposes here:

I've been trying to make my "Summer In the City!" REcap RECords as diverse as possible, playing around with the moods a lot in order to avoid too much of the same thing. That being said, I opted to go the quieter route for this REmix of the third, and final, "Summer In the City!"

Even though it was so high energy and packed full of spectacle I wanted to attempt to present it in two parts: one as a mini-musical intro of sorts featuring Nathan's "Morgan SiTC Score" and second as a visual montage set to ForestKnauff's poetic "Light-Bulb Scars" (listen to those lyrics - they match the themes and tone of "SITC" perfectly in my opinion.)

There's still more footage rolling in to the September 6th "SITC" collaboration, so consider this a work in progress. It can be built on and REmixed quite a bit. And then perhaps it can be used for a more comprehensive REmix featuring sounds from the show, rather than just montage imagery.

The (Last) Day of Summer (Low-Res)

Created: Sep 10, 2010

Tags: connection, moments, intro, flower, bar, pianos, ending, hop, channing tatum, kiss, goodnight, sitc, lexy hulme, sfbakstad, pour, audience, rendition, girl, up, dr. gory, play, walk, guests, recharged, bartender, having fun, feeling, colors, time lapse, touching, jam, chords, nebulullaby, blooming, drunk, nels cline, drinking, animation, songs, guitar, editing, red, harlem, pov, pink, heart, recap, wilco, mrs. turner, nyc, orchestra, hd, nate, introduction, eric, high definition, one, filmpunk, fist, belong, cj, community, tiny book of tiny stories, remix, faces, universe, blossom, summer, goastt, close up, spin, video, regularjoe, lady gaga, inked canvas, wirrow, emotion, together, performing, september 6, new york, music, seasons, johnny rogers, spectacle, photography, nathan johnson, joseph, stage, finale, cameras, guy, monica, hitrecorchestra, lionel, reading, eleventeeth date, jared, lula, flashes, score, art, wink, event, grin, zeppelin zoo, instrumental, beautiful, empire state building, love, lovely, teeth, charlotte kemp, song, alyssa, silhouette, acting, re: cities, clapping, tiny stories, stefani, drums, end, cheer, ghost of a saber tooth tiger, logo, touch, reach, feel, timelapse, history, last, creating, recording, remember, dancing, host, cut, beauty, microphone, pump, lights, world, all, laughing, run, creation, sean lennon, smile, clips, globe, performance, applause, zoom, fast, yuka honda, morgan m. morgansen, venue, remixed, imaginary friends, resolution, dance, twirl, edit, marke johnson, new york city, hosting, we, strings, cut outs, beat, summer in the city, queens, bloom, boy, drinks, brick, joe, emotional

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