Dear Heart, Thank You!

By ManWithHat

Dear Love,

Thank you. Thank you for the hours
Spent burning with an impulse that can not help
But expend itself,
During that week-long wait for a kiss,
Expending itself in a dance, a tune,
A swath of paint on a virgin canvas;
The muddled confusion when two different brains
With connected hearts
Try, try, try and create some kind of rapport
That they might mimic their hearts
And move as one;
The bottles emptied
In the swamps and dark valleys of a busted attempt
To gain victory in a communion
That breaks under the strain of competition.

Thank you, Love,
For heartbreak.

Thank you, Love,
for love.

Thank you, Love,
For the inspiring heights
And dispiriting lows
In the waves of this squall we sail
In search of these great things
Of which we dream in the very veins of
Our pens,
Our paints,
Our cameras,
And our stories.
And our stories.

Dear Heart,
Thank you for the Beating.

Dear Heart, Thank You!

Created: Sep 08, 2010


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