Tiny Story- Young at Heart (idea)

By Soleil

As the grandfather flies his kite, his grandson approaches him. The grand father looks down at his grandson with brightly lit eyes and tells him, "I'm young at heart." All while the grandmother is reading her newspaper on a park bench.
The grandson takes his xray glasses out of his pocket, puts them on and looks at his grandfathers heart and replies, "I can see that!"

This is my idea for an image. I'm sorry if it's complex.
So you have the grandfather that is flying a kite next to his grandson, and you see the grandfathers wife sitting on a bench reading a news paper, and the grandfather says to his son that he is young at heart. And you split the page in two, so it's a new drawing and you only draw the outlines of the objects and people in black. The only colourful things appearing would be the three hearts (grandson, grand father, and grandmother), and the xray glasses that the grandson puts on. The heart of the grandson is all new and , nice looking, and then you see the grandfathers heart which has the same look, and you see the grand mothers heart and it's filled with cobwebs or something. And you have the son saying "I can see that"
Sorry about the length ! :(

Tiny Story- Young at Heart (idea)

Created: Sep 07, 2010


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