SITC Creative Process Intro ("Intro to the Intro")

By MattConley

In an attempt to change things up for the third "Summer In the City!" intro, I edited an "intro to the intro." Using dandruff's striking musical piece "Truly Human," I cut together images from the first two "SITC!" shows and then bridged it into the "SITC Intro" by RegularJOE (this was used in the first show and segues into thesherbethead's "Rockin' Edition" teaser.)

The vibe of the "Creative Process Intro" is definitely slower and more reflective on the community of hitRECord, but I think it might be an interesting way to REcap the first two shows without an all-out nostalgic approach. Instead it captures some of the key moments, the live collaboration, and the nature of the community and its members. Then things get jamming once the transition to the other intros occurs.

Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn't.

Let me know what you guys think and feel about this concept.


* This is a lower resolution MPEG-4 file. The higher-resolution file for REmixing purposes is here:

SITC Creative Process Intro (

Created: Sep 05, 2010

Tags: carla gugino, audience, embrace, regular joe, joseph gordon-levitt, remixing, devices, guitar, crowd, event, collab, pianos, splice, reading, summary, sing, regularjoe, nyc, humanity, tiny stories, hearts, city, turn on, animation, transition, high definition, trailer, high res, intro, dr. gory, preview, love, walking, introduction, teaser, shows, editing, heart, involve, camcorder, recap, hitrecord, process, walk, ask, records, word association, capture, clapping, community, mic, video, turn off, hot, rian johnson, summer, grin, jared, camera, sitc, hugging, hd, stage, cheer, truly human, remix, new york, tiny story, creation, audio, smile, together, cutting, noah, cameras, segue, creating, rocking, nothing big, thesherbethead, screen, live, smiling, microphone, interview, slow motion, joe, venue, recording, playing, brick, graphic, singing, participation, question, logo, answer, marke, read, edit, summer in the city, cut, cities, collaboration, regularity, hug, remixed

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