The Door That Leads To Anywhere - Part 1

By deeasherself

“Visits!” yelled the 7 year old Little Sunny, happily. Her high-pitched voice rang like bells for her grandmother Maria, who went to open the door only to find nobody. She looked confused for a while, even after closing the door.

Little footsteps ran downstairs, and Sunny looked at her grandmother. “Where’s Tom?” she asked. Maria titled her head slightly to the right. Then it hit her.
-Oh! I’m sorry, let me see if-
- I’ll do it. – said Sunny, half upset half frustrated, because her grandmother didn’t understand (or like) Tom. She opened the door and there was he, smiling at her. She let him in and told him to go upstairs. As he did, Maria stared into the empty space Sunny was talking to, so happy and excited. She asked her grandmother if she could pretty please with sugar on top make some cookies for Tom because he loved them. “Absolutely sweetheart”, was Maria’s reply, with the sweetest voice, as she watched little Sunny going upstairs singing.

Tom took a pencil from Sunny’s case, the blue one, and started painting something on the wall. He was so concentrated, that he didn’t notice Sunny’s new sketchbook, a gift from her friend Karen from Australia. A knock on the door broke his focus. Two times, then one, then two again. He replied with the Secret Calling, and Sunny came in.
-Tom, my grandma’s gonna make cookies!
-God, I love her cookies!
-I know, that’s why I asked her to make ‘em- said Sunny, sitting next to Tom.
-Thank you.
-What is this you’re making?
-You’ll see. Just let me finish…

Woooo! first v4 RECord!!! this place looks amazing :D !!!

The Door That Leads To Anywhere - Part 1

Created: Jan 06, 2010


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