The Core

By itsalrightma

Once I saw a little man
Whose head looked like a pear.
But when I turned to ask him why,
I found he wasn't there.

So I approached his little wife
And asked her why it was.
She simply shrugged her shoulders
Rolled her eyes
And said,

But this answer did not satisfy
My curiosity,
So I set out to find the man
With the pear-shaped monstrosity.

I walked a little to the left,
But could not find the man.
So to the right I turned and searched
And saw him once again.

I thought of how to ask
About the shaping of his head,
But when I looked at him again
I found that he was dead.

"Oh no," I cried,
"The man has died!
And now I'll never know!"
But then I saw the little man, whose smile began to show.

He opened up his little eyes
And saw my shocked expression,
Then got himself off of the ground
And started his confession.

"I heard you talking with my wife
And thought I'd play a trick.
Because, although my head is pear-shaped,
It doesn't mean I'm thick"

In disbelief, I shook my head
And turned to walk away,
But then he spoke up once again
So I waited for what he'd say.

"I may be a little man
With a pear-shaped skull,
But that doesn't mean I'm deaf
Or that my mind is dull.

I hope that you remember this
Each and everyday,
So the next time you see an odd-shaped head
You'll just shut up and walk away."

The Core

Created: Jan 06, 2010


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