Mensaje de Playa Muerta

By TinaLaSirena

*Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, I kept my ears open for a beach to call to me. This spot shouted to me from afar, so much so that I screamed, “I want to go there! I must get there!” in my car. I parked and walked. My train of thought on the way was meditating on the release that was to take place. The drive down I admired the sights, the mountains and fog, the winding road that allowed me to see the beautiful landscape. I thanked the Earth for Her gifts. However, my heart became so heavy with the reality that though there are some parts of Her that are still in tact, so much of her is being destroyed for our “benefit.” It brought to mind what all needs to be put to rest. This paradigm in which we live needs to die and be born again into something new. A new way of thinking, living, being. The more we come from a place of love and peace, the more it perpetuates. That healing energy spreads and shifts everything! The more we learn to love and find peace within ourselves, we can share that with each other, shifting ourselves, shifting the world! Until this happens, the damage that has already been done will continue to run its course. But there is still hope!
As I walked up to the beach, everyone that was there on the shore cleared out. She needed to be alone with me. The path to the shore was covered with stones and driftwood. I felt like I was walking into a cemetery. How appropriate I thought, as I was bringing the pain that needed to be laid to rest. Almost a death of an old self, and a resurrection of a new. Alone with the spirits of this open space: the mountains and breeze that swept across my face. She wanted to speak to me. I was left alone with Her for two hours. She revealed things to me. She allowed me to release my grief in her waters. All the grief from lives past: the pain and suffering that I’ve seen throughout the centuries (what is happening now has happened before--History in repetition, patterns, karmic ties, all of which need to be broken and released. Only when we become CONSCIOUS can we truly see and make a change). “You no longer have to carry those burdens.” All the pain from present life, and fears of the future. She held me and cleansed me. I wrote names in the sand of loves lost. The waves and my tears swept all the pain back into the ocean to be renewed. In healing myself, I heal my loved ones. In healing each other, we heal the world. Si Que Para Todos Tenganos LUZ! PAZ! AMOR! CONSCIENCIA! Y HARMONIA! OMETEOTL (SO THAT WE MAY ALL HAVE , LIGHT, PEACE, LOVE, CONSCIOUSNESS AND HARMONY, OMETEOTL—Nahuatl word for the Divine Union of Duality) *

Mensaje de Playa Muerta

Created: Sep 03, 2010


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