Tell me.
It’s not like I care.
I’m just waiting for you to finish.
I’m waiting to get your lips back.
That is all.
That is a fact.
Shut up.
Press pause.
Let me rip into you with my tiny claws.
Stand up straight and do your dance.
But finish quicker so I can make your advance.
Help me make it through.
Just simply find a button to undo.
Young and fresh.
I’m liking these land legs.
Let me walk all over you.
When I’m done I’ll keep going.
No turning back to you.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
There was never a money back guarantee.
No in store exchanges between you and me.
Deal with what occurred.
Back up and then go forth.
It was fun.
I liked the feel.
But now it’s just over my dear.
It’s in the past of what used to be real


Created: Sep 02, 2010


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