The story behind the remix "My Home in the moon"

By GabyVaughan

The story behind the Remix “My home in the moon”


First, I just want to say again THANKS, I know I said it before but I need to say it again, what you guys did, the video, the collab and all these amazing remixes, are probably one of the most beautiful things somebody ever did for me, honestly, these past 2 days has been amazing, full or happiness, I can’t stop smiling and you’re the reason why this is happening, THANK YOU SO MUCH, best surprise ever!


Since I was a little girl, I feel some kind of fascination for the space, I remember when in 1986 the Halley comet appeared, my dad and I went to our backyard and with some binoculars watched him for ours while he was passing by, I was amazed, then one Christmas my dad gave me a telescope and that was it, I stayed for hours outside watching the sky, but especially the moon, I used to imagine that I was flying there at night, crossing the sky full of stars and I could see the earth from the moon, I had a lot of imagination when I was a kid and I still do.


My nanny, Maria, used to tell me a story, she told me that there was a house in the moon, that the house was empty, nobody live there, and she told me that soon or later, they will send someone to live there, and that person will own that house, she told me that if I was a good girl, I can’t be added to the list of people that would live there, so I did exactly what she said and I tried to behave so I can be that person. With the time, when I grew up, I knew that wasn’t true; however I still dream about that house and me living there.


I spent lots of my holidays (Christmas season) with my grandparents, they lived in Costa Rica and we lived in Nicaragua at that point, Nicaragua was in a civil war so my parents didn’t wanted that me and my brother spend Christmas in the middle of a war, so they sent us to spend these days with grandma and grandpa, I love them but I didn’t wanted to leave my mom and dad on Christmas, so me and my mom made a pact, she told me: You’re going to go outside, at 12 midnight on Christmas day and you’ll see the moon, I’ll do the same, so we’ll be seeing it together even when we are not close, so we did that ritual for several years, so once again, the moon was there for me and comfort me in some way!


The Moon was there when I has my first kiss, the moon was there when I went to walk on the beach at night for the first time, the moon was there when I celebrate my birthdays in my backyard and when we buried my grandpa, she was there, it was in the afternoon, but she was there, in the sky. So, The moon has been an important part of my life, when I am sad, I go outside to see her, when I am happy I go outside and stare at her, I have a tattoo of the moon, earrings of the moon, lots of pictures, illustrations and a pajama, in fact, I live in a 2 stories house, my room is in the second floor, so every night, I saw her from my window, when she is raising in the east, and I felt calm, like she is taking care of me, because in one way or another, that’s what she does.


If you pay attention to my records, lots of them are inspired in the moon. “My house in the moon” is one of them, in April 3rd 2015 Michelle (AnOTsPerspective) gave me a challenge: Type "home" in the search box, find a few images and remix them together". So I did, and I found all those images, the house, the moon, the city and it made me remember of Maria and her story of the house in the moon, so I created this remix and now, you are all making amazing records with this illustration and it makes it even more magical and fantastic that what you think.


So, the moon and I have history together, since I am a kid until today, we have a special bond and now that bond is even wonderful because all of you are attached to that story, by creating new remixes of the moon and the house I dreamt with when I was a little girl, maybe Maria was right? Who knows? SO just in case, I am still behaving in the best way is possible.



The story behind the remix

Created: Dec 29, 2015

Tags: gabmas, moon, collaboration

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