By JPeezy

I have been part of the HR community since 2010. I never thought that I would be making things with people across the world, building friendships both online, and in many cases, in real life. In fact I hope I get to sleep on every single one of your couches at some point in my life.


While I may (not so quietly) disagree with some of the decisions that HR has made over the years, and feel betrayed or upset when something I've worked hard on doesn't see the light of day or get any discussion, there's no denying that it feels good  to create and get paid for it. Or in the case of my little Gogglebird, continue to get paid for it.


I have been a lucky recipient of a check from (I believe) every single one of the community payouts, and I love my growing collection of HR memorabilia to help remember those contributions.


Thank you HR, thank you Jared, Matt, and Joe for your endless supply of hard work, thank you to the countless talented artists that repeatedly make being an artist less painful by coming along for the ride. And thank you dAN. You and your brother created something that made a lot of difference in a LOT of people's lives. Thank you: Again by <3.


Created: Nov 20, 2015


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