hitRECord - a (marketing) vision ;-)

By iasiosee

my last record on v3 - let it be something about v4

I wrote in the hitRECord ~ THE NEW DEAL ~ 01-01-10 thread: "btw, i'm just imaging, in like 10 years or so, having a bookshelf full of books of the "hitrecord.org series", and dvds and cds (well, probably, by then, cds will be old stuff and we will all have vinyl records again ;-)) (of course all in the beautiful design by Marke)"

And then I thought, why not trying to design it. Just for fun. But maybe, who knows, in 10 years, it's reality :-) (except the toothpaste of course)

hitRECord - a (marketing) vision ;-)

Created: Jan 02, 2010

Tags: vinyl, toothpaste, book, hitrecord, cd, merchandising, dvd, marketing

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