By ToddUmptious

January 2013


Just in the park behind the house I grew up in (it used to be untamed fields, until they made it structured and boring).


Taken with the first SmartPhone I'd ever gotten using Instagram.


Two photos by ABeautifulFool inspired me to upload it.


"Playing in the Rain" & "Remnant"


It's pretty lo-res so I'm not sure how it will appear on hitRECord once I hit that big red button.


Coaster sourced from my mothers kitchen :3 


Created: Oct 05, 2015

Tags: 2013, winter, park, 2013 january, january 2013, scarves, ice sakting, field, local park, snow, january, cold, dublin, coaster, 2013 winter collection, low-res, find your park, landscape, white, co. dublin, vertical, ireland, rathcoole, photograph, illustration, nature, rural, 2013 winter, color, urban

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